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The Power of Color in Brand

Color is such a critical factor in branding, so much so, that brands have even tried to trademark their exact color. You should consider context, competition, culture, contrast, color range, and company to choose the best colors Pantone for your brand.

A brand’s choice of colors can help engagement and send signals. A study shows that more than half of a person’s assessment of a brand is based on color. The goal of color choice should be strictly on attracting the desired people, not on personal preference.

There are six considerations when choosing colors:

1) Context: where and how the colors will show up
2) Competition: the relationship with the colors of adjacent brands
3) Culture: the meaning of colors within a culture
4) Contrast: choosing multiple colors that work together
5) Color gamut: whether or not a color is replicable
6) Company: the fit with the people of the organization

A professional designer should know the culture and color theory required to choose appropriately. Professionals need to expect this from the designers they work with. A brand designer needs to be both an analyst and an artist.

Colors can make a brand feel meaningful or hollow, exciting or boring, bold or meek. People make snap, emotional assessments of brands the moment they lay eyes on them, and most of the information they are basing their judgment on is communicated through color.

So, when it comes to choosing colors for a brand, there is nothing quick and easy about it. I find this to be true even after having determined the colors for over a hundred brand identities. This isn’t a surprise given that 62-90% of an individual’s assessment of a brand is based solely on color, per Professor Satyendra Sing in a paper titled “Impact of color on marketing.” Beyond the difficulty in choosing the best colors to represent a brand, Professor Sing’s statistic suggests that the colors were chosen to represent a brand play a core role in the brand’s success.

Combine the difficulty of choosing a brand’s colors with the importance of color, the process of selecting brand colors often leads those making the decisions feeling bogged down ending in middle-of-the-road/bland choices with most brands choosing blue.





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